Why Buy A Franchise

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Franchising Works!

Franchise business opportunities are ideal for ambitious individuals who want to pursue their dreams and become business owners. A franchise provides a proven system, a defined blueprint for success that allows others to execute the system in their desired markets. While benefitting from an established brand and business model, franchisees are able to keep a majority of the profits—allowing them to truly build additional wealth and income for their futures.

Be The Boss

There are countless reasons why purchasing a franchise is such an attractive investment, but the opportunity to be one’s own boss is something that many people have dreamed about their entire working lives.

Does This Sound Like You?

I would rather be able to keep the majority of the profit margins for all my hard work and efforts than receive a stellar performance review from a peer. Being a small business owner gives you the ability to create cash flow, wealth and receive taxation benefits.

I would love to truly own my own time! Whether it’s spending more time with your family, traveling, or volunteering, being a franchise owner means that you can build wealth while having capable managers run your business in your absence.

I am scared to take a vacation even though it’s been 2 years. Being the boss means you can take a vacation whenever you want, grow your income while you are away, and still be in control of your business when you return.

I want to build something that has value and create a legacy instead of just collecting a paycheck. Being the boss allows you a sense of pride. You are in control of your business, with the authority to make your own decisions and create your own winning culture.

90% of Franchise Operations are in business for 10+ Years

Franchising is a favored business model because it works so well.

An estimated 90% of franchise operations are in business for more than 10 years—which is a much more favorable statistic than other small businesses have. As a franchise owner, you will be executing a plan that has been tested and proven over time and partnering with franchise experts who will help you overcome the challenges you may face. This support significantly reduces your risk of business failure. Great franchise companies have developed successful systems, tools, and processes that will help you achieve profitability as you venture into business ownership. As a result, you will be able to focus your time on making money, and your path to enjoying a positive ROI will be much quicker.


Numbers Don’t Lie

Did you know that 1 out of every 25 adults is currently starting a business?

of all Americans want to be their own boss.
of all households are involved in small business.
of all high schools students want to start a business.

Be in Business For Yourself

People buy a franchise because they want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. The US Dept. of Commerce states that less than 5% of franchise outlets fail annually. While franchise businesses only account for 8% of all service business, they claim over 40% of all service-related revenue. Franchise businesses will generate more than $1 Trillion in sales this year alone. There are over 800,000 franchise businesses operating in the US alone today. One out of every seven dollars is spent by Americans in a franchise business. ~ Source – IFA

Franchising is On Trend for Growth

Franchising is here to stay. While the high success rate of owning a franchise attracts many entrepreneurs, the potential for growth is perhaps the most compelling reason for making the initial investment.


Nearly one in five franchisees own two or more franchises. This allows franchisees to potentially guarantee their future by expanding additional units which could increase their chances for more lucrative returns and ongoing wealth building.

What you are buying:

  • Proven Concept
  • Name Recognition
  • Established product / service
  • Tools for success
  • Operational, technical and managerial assistance
  • Start up and ongoing assistance and training
  • Standards & Quality
  • Buying Power
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • National awareness

Begin Your Journey

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