The success or failure of a business hinges on a number of integral factors ranging from market conditions to competition to the quality of the product being sold.  But, can you guess what the most important factor that contributes to actual business outcome is? The answer is management.  That’s a big part of the reason why working for a bad manager can be such a grind.  It’s also a big reason why those of us who work for ourselves have to constantly evaluate our own management and leadership skills–as well as the management and leadership skills of those who work for us. The following topics below are a few things to think about.  With Semi-absentee franchise opportunities where you keep your day job and grow a business on the side through managing the manager, proper management and building the right team you can trust are key.

#1. Too many meetings
Don’t get us wrong–meeting can be a very important step towards organizing a team and getting everyone on the same page.  Too many meetings, however, can be a time and productivity drain–and it can also be an indicator that the meetings are not accomplishing their goals (and thus the need for still more meetings!)

#2. Micromanagement
Some aspects of business must be done in a very rigid manner.  For most operations, though, it’s important to trust the people you have in place.  If someone feels compelled to micromanage, the odds are good that either a) they haven’t hired a team they can depend on, or b) they are overly controlling, which is probably stifling both the productivity and the happiness of those below them.

#3. Unfairness
In the real word, integrity and ethics are of the utmost importance.  Without them, leadership is impossible.  Truly effective managers are always fair to both the workers they lead as well as the other businesses they deal with.

Franchise Logic
If you have an interest in building additional income and wealth but are not in a position to quit your job today, semi-absentee franchise ownership may be an interesting option to consider.  If you want to learn more, we would love to chat!  Contact Careyann Golliver at or 303.359.4021.