Take a moment and open your mind. Imagine your dream lifestyle. Do you go to work? Do you spend each day building a powerhouse business, with your hands in every decision driving the success? Do you wake up, lace up your cleats, and head to the golf course for a round? Are you traveling the globe? Are you managing 50 employees? Or 10? Or maybe someone else manages a staff for you? How financially independent are you on your income from your business?  Can you say you truly own your time?

All these questions and more need to be answered in order to determine what your personal “Best Franchise Ever” is.
What fits your lifestyle & goals?

The business that will be your “Best Franchise Ever” will be the one that fits best with your lifestyle and personal goals; what you hope to achieve with the ownership of this business. You can set your business up however you choose to; whether you want to be very involved in the day-to-day operations of your bustling business or want to be a semi-absentee business owner, with a bustling life of your own outside the business.

Ensure Success with Guidance

Considering being a business owner can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re not even 100% certain what it is that would be a perfect fit for your goals. Having a coach to help you target your goals and dreams in assisting which business model might be perfect for you can be the difference between success and failure. A franchise business  consultant is the perfect choice for a first-time buyer or experienced franchisee who wants professional guidance on how to diversify and build their portfolio.

Careyann Golliver, a FranChoice business consultant in Denver, Colorado, can be that guiding light in your entrepreneurial journey. With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship and franchising, she can provide critical feedback and guidance. Contact Careyann today 303.359.4021 or cgolliver@franchoice.com, or visit her on the web at careyann-golliver.franchoice.com.