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We absolutely love social proof! Whether your outcome was becoming a business owner or not, how did Franchise Logic and Careyann Golliver with her free service help you be confident in your final choice? Would you refer Careyann to someone you know? Thank you in advance for sharing your story, as you could inspire someone else to take the leap and fulfill their dream of business ownership!

Careyann Golliver Testimonials

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Rated 5 out of 5

Careyann was an amazing guide through the whole franchise process. She made a process that felt complex and intimidating, very simple, logical and easy to follow. I was not familiar with franchises and had never run my own business, but Careyann answered all my questions along the way and helped me feel confident in my decisions. She matched me with the PERFECT franchise, and I am so grateful!

Anonymous - Single Unit Franchise Owner | MI
Rated 5 out of 5

If you are reading this, you already must have talked to Careyann or are going to. We cannot say enough about Careyann’s expertise in what she is doing. She has excellent contacts within the franchise system and a fantastic reputation in the community. She first spent a few weeks to understand what we are looking for, if you are confused she can also help you understand what would fit your lifestyle and personality, then narrow down from her pool to give you some good choices. Always open to listening and no pushing whatsoever.

For us the two choices she gave us were very exciting, it was very hard to choose one over the other and we took our time to pick what we like. We have signed the franchise contract and now working on getting the shop done, we are very thankful to Careyann for streamlining this for us and giving us insights to the franchise world.

If you have made up your mind for a franchise ownership, I think Careyann is the best in the country to work with.

Good Luck!

Taran and Nishi - Single Unit Franchise Owner | IL
Rated 5 out of 5

I had the pleasure of working with Careyann for many weeks learning about franchise opportunities and ultimately evaluating 4 unique opportunities, none of which I had previously known existed. At all times Careyann helped me through my process with great understanding and respect. Even when I ultimately decided not to go forward, which was about me not the unique opportunities, Careyann continued to treat me with great respect and understanding.

I would like to add that all 4 franchise opportunities that I pursued had top notch people and very impressive processes allowing me to truly understand what being a franchise owner would be like. This included speaking with current franchise owners.

Overall, at my age of 67, and with some other non-franchise opportunities that I was also evaluating, I did not go forward. I enjoyed the process and working with Careyann. If anyone wants to seriously evaluate buying a franchise I would contact Careyann. She is tops in this business.

Good luck!!

Andrew Krakauer
Rated 5 out of 5

If you have ever considered being an entrepreneur or dreamed of having a business to call your own, I recommend you reach out to Careyann. When we began the process to learn about franchising, we had so many questions and concerns about the unknown. Careyann was truly a partner and a guide throughout the entire process. She was organized and very good at actively listening to understand what we were looking for and I can confidently say it was one of the best calls we have ever made. Careyann set us up with a phenomenal opportunity and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Richards - Single Unit Franchise Owner | NM
Rated 5 out of 5

Careyann helped us through a journey of becoming a franchisee. She explained different aspects of the process including what to consider and what to avoid, as well as associated risks and potential benefits of different franchises. She is very passionate about her job and tries to help you make wise decisions throughout the process. We are grateful for all she did to help us make an important decision and buy a profitable business. We definitely recommend her to anybody who wants to step into franchise ownership and needs help.

Donya M Manesh - Multi-Unit Franchise Owner | CO Springs, CO

Careyann was great. Careyann was very instrumental in my journey into owning my own franchise. Owning my own business is something that I wanted to do, but I did not have all of the information or expertise necessary to make this happen.

Marcus Stevens, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner | DE

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Careyann as she guided me through the franchise decision-making process. Her energy, enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the franchising industry were valuable assets. Careyann is an extremely competent professional who selflessly shares her knowledge, insight and expertise, all for the good of her clients. I would highly recommend Careyann as the ultimate coach and partner.

Michael Guarasi, Single Unit Franchise Owner | NJ

I am so thankful I had Careyann’s help and guidance during my recent franchise evaluation and purchase. She was a mentor, a coach, a business consultant, and never really felt like a salesperson, more like someone who genuinely cared and wanted to find me the best opportunity possible. I feel super blessed to have purchased the franchise I did, and I don’t think it would have even been on my radar if not for Careyann. She is one in a million and I wish her tremendous success.

Janet Asbury, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner | IL

Careyann was instrumental in helping us explore franchising opportunities. Her expertise and guidance are second to none. If you are considering owning a franchise and need a proven expert with unparalleled knowledge, we recommend working with Careyann. She will make herself available, provide a guide for your search and make sure you ask the tough questions of others and yourself to be able to make an informed decision. We truly enjoyed working with her in order to determine our final decision.

John Murname, Franchise Candidate | NE

Careyann is a very positive person who knows her stuff and is very attentive to the needs of her clients. She isn’t stumped by a question often, but when she is she works quickly and intently to get the answer.

Independent Real Estate Professional, NJ

If you are searching for a consultant to help narrow down different franchise opportunities there is no better resource than Careyann. She was great. She understood what I was looking for and narrowed hundreds of opportunities down to just a manageable few. Give her a call, you will not be disappointed!

Master Licensed Franchise Owner, TX Market

Careyann is great to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable in franchising and very professional and respectful with clients. Her demeanor is positive and energetic. I have enjoyed getting to know Careyann and look forward to further building our professional relationship.

CEO/ Elderly Advisor | NE, CO, WY

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Careyann and her candidates over the last few years and can say that there is no one who will work harder for their candidates or cares more about their success. She spends an incredible amount of time listening to her the people she is working with in order to find the best franchises to fit their personality and goals.

Steve Nilssen, Sr. Financing Consultant, Guidant Financial

After being laid off from my corporate job. Frustrated with my job search I answered an email about franchise opportunities. Through sheer luck, I was connected to Careyann Golliver of Franchise Logic and it was one of the best things that could have happened to us. As our Franchise Consultant, Careyann worked with my wife and I to help us understand the overall process involved in franchising.

Ron Braun, Single Unit Franchise Owner | MO

Careyann is AMAZING! I have always been interested in the idea of owning my own business. It is due to Careyann’s extensive knowledge and understanding in her field that interested me in finding out more. Now, because of her, I have happily left the Corporate world and am excited to start my own venture — one that excites me every day and allows me to balance work and family just as I always wanted. She is a consummate professional and so easy to work with. She makes the process easy to understand and is thorough and supportive every step of the way.

Kim Manss, Single Unit Franchise Owner | CA

When I found Franchise logic I was looking to purchase a new compatible franchise to add to my business portfolio. I was wowed with Careyann’s responsiveness and drive for results especially – because that’s my personality too!  Careyann listened to my needs/wants and found me several Franchisors that were good options…..and then one GREAT option that I purchased. As a direct result of working with Careyann, I found the experience super easy. She understood my sense of urgency and took feedback well in order to present the optimal business for me. I recommend Franchise-Logic to anyone who really truly wants to purchase a business, as Careyann will find it for you!

Michele Deane, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner | VA

Careyann is my go to person for entrepreneur insights. She is extremely detail oriented and knows how to navigate the franchise world. She was instrumental in helping me with my career change. I highly recommend Careyann to anyone wanting to better understand the overwhelming task of selecting a business.

Tamara Vincer, Multi-licensed Franchise Owner / Denver, CO

Careyann is the real deal. She was beyond phenomenal in diagnosing our needs and vetting the right franchisors for us. Careyann means business, and because of her commitment and accountability, we know we’ll partner with her again in the near future – I wouldn’t choose anyone else!

John Gerken, Empire Franchise Owner | MN

We were really pleased with the results, especially the well-defined, systematic approach to franchising.  The initial thought of franchising was somewhat daunting, but once we began working through Careyann’s process, we became much more comfortable with the decision we were making. We would recommend Careyann to anyone that may be interested in business franchising, especially those that might be on the fence but simply don’t know where to begin.

Kris and Karen Stewart, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner | TX

Careyann is an excellent franchise and business consultant. She listened, coached and educated me about franchise and business ownership. She presented me with several potential franchise opportunities that were available near my home. I learned something from every conversation that we had. I recommend that anyone looking into purchasing a franchise contact Careyann Golliver.

Stephen Hinds, Franchise Candidate | IN

Careyann, You constantly reassured us at every step that we were always in control.  It gave me a great sense of peace and comfort knowing that regardless of the outcome there was no wrong answer. You have a gift working and speaking with people – I fully endorse your trademark! Thank you again for all your help along the way. You’ve helped us take one of the most important steps in our lives that will change us forever. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Trevor Lambert, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner | UT

I was looking at franchise opportunities as a possible change of career. Careyann was amazing to work with. She is a thorough professional who makes an effort to really figure out what might be a great fit for you as a business owner. Her experience guides you through the process with no hype and no surprises. She is not just looking to “make a sale” but is a genuine consultant. I would recommend working with her to anybody.

Jay Nylund, Franchise Candidate| TX

Careyann helped us sift through numerous franchises and find the perfect one that fit our schedule and lifestyle. Careyann listens to what you want and uses her expertise to find a franchise that will be your perfect match. She was very professional and great to work with. Highly recommended!!!

Valero Aquino, Single Unit Franchise Owner | OK

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