Online Summit: It’s never been a better time to consider business ownership in 2021

Name: John Francis

Company: Next Level Franchise, Inc.

Title: Johnny Franchise

I have over 30 years of real-world, rst-hand experience in franchising businesses, having been a Franchisor, Franchisee and Supplier, with multiple brands. With more wins than losses, my goal is to help others achieve meaningful success that benets everyone. I help franchisor executives and franchise owners reduce risks and improve results by providing levelheaded expertise.

My approach is to take the time to get familiar and connect with my clients. I like to know the situation and context and personalities involved in any business. I’m known for being a good listener, and asking good questions, then offering thoughtful advice and typically a range of options for my clients to consider as possibilities. I like to help other people do their job better, rather than doing the work for them – more of a coach or advisor.

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