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An Engaged and Knowledgeable Speaker
Careyann Golliver – America’s Franchise Matchmaker™

Careyann is as knowledgeable as she is engaging. If you want real talk on everything franchising she is The One! Great guest.”

— Mandy Connell
iHeart Radio, The Mandy Connell Show

Careyann is extremely knowledgeable in the world of Franchising and shared her experiences of starting a family business through honing in on her skills of assisting others in choosing the right Franchise business for them. She truly exudes passion for helping others discover their talents, skills, and personality traits that would apply toward being a Franchise Owner.”

— Colleen Biggs,
Voice of America Host

careyann golliver
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  • Why Franchising?
  • Are All Franchise Systems the Same?
  • Is Owning a Franchise More Expensive than Starting Your Own Business?
  • You Can’t Be in a Business You Know Nothing About – Right?
  • What are the Dos and Don’ts in Conducting a Franchise Search?
  • What is a Franchise Consultant?

Careyann Golliver is known as
America’s Franchise Matchmaker™.
Her passion began from helping grow her local family handyman business to the top-rated national franchise in the industry. The company became so successful that in 2019 it was acquired by the largest retailer-owned hardware group in the world – Ace Hardware Corporation. Still, just like millions of Americans, she worked for years in a business that wasn’t all hers. She longed to build something that she could call her own, and eventually found the courage to take the leap herself. With thousands of franchise concepts out there today, Careyann knows first hand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to go at it alone. With the assistance of Careyann and Franchise Logic as your franchise guide, she has mastered a process that not only helps people find their perfect franchise match but allows for abundant possibilities. After working with thousands of happy business owners she has found 3 consistent critical success factors for everyone: Passion, Process, and abundant Possibilities. Careyann has decades of experience leading people through a successful franchise pre-qualification and matching process. She takes great pride in helping candidates across the nation find the businesses of their dreams. Careyann and her husband reside in Colorado where they are proud to have been born and raised.

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