Professional Coaching

Franchise Logic offers professional franchise coaching for individuals serious about pursuing opportunities in franchise business ownership.

We will work closely with you to assess your goals, your strengths, your reasons for business ownership, spending tolerance and your market to help discover franchises that present the greatest opportunity to be a perfect match for your success.

According to the International Franchise Association today there are over 3,000 franchise concepts in over 90 different categories. Finding a franchise is super easy, however, finding the right franchise opportunity for you can be an overwhelming task to attempt alone.

Just like anything else, not all franchises are created equal and no single franchise is a perfect fit for everyone. Utilizing the guidance of an experienced franchise expert can help save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration while avoiding costly mistakes. Becoming an educated franchise buyer is the most important aspect of your possible purchasing process.

Download our “How to Buy a Franchise” report to make sure you avoid the 10 most costly mistakes.

Realize Your Dream of Business Ownership

We have helped hundreds of individuals realize the American Dream of owning their own franchise

We have no sales role and we don’t charge a penny for our services. We are in continuous contact with the safest, most lucrative and fastest-growing franchises and take pride in working with only the best of the best franchise organizations represented today.

Specializing in franchise opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Low Investment
  • High Margins
  • Rapid Break-even
  • Successful track record

Unique, Tailored Franchise Consultations

Our unique consultation process is based on proven methods of helping entrepreneurs identify the right franchise opportunities and conduct proper due diligence in order to find true matches that represent their business ideals. That’s why we say…it really is all about YOU.

Here’s How It Works

As business owners ourselves, we understand taking the leap into business ownership is a personal, important and sometimes difficult one. Our process will help you understand how to conduct proper due diligence on the right franchise options giving you the greatest chance for future success.


This first step is an in-depth consultation with you so that we can gain insight into your goals and the types of business opportunities that would best suit you.


We’ll then take all of this information and create a personalized model in evaluating franchise opportunities. The model will identify the attributes you feel are important as well as the characteristics of your ideal business.


Once we have identified some business types that best fit your model, we’ll suggest specific companies on which to begin conducting in-depth research. We will also connect you with professionals who can educate you on the best funding options.


We will guide you through the 6 Steps to conduct proper research on these opportunities. Our entire objective is to deliver education to you so you truly know what you will be buying before you spend your money.


You are placed at the front of the line with the best franchise opportunities for your requirements, with our guidance in conducting a thorough investigation of the opportunities that may be right for you.

Begin Your Journey

“We’ve helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a franchise through our unique matching process and thorough vetting methods, which identify the top franchise organizations in the country.”

* Conducting a self-discovery session with a franchising expert could increase your odds of success as a franchise owner. Schedule an exclusive Franchise Ownership Consultation to start planning your future!