Embarking on your franchising journey can feel like a unique commitment, but in reality the relationship between franchisor and franchisee has many similarities to a marriage. Because your choice is such an important one, you shouldn’t make it alone. Careyann Golliver, a FranChoice consultant, will be your partner as you pick out the right franchise model and franchisor you want to marry into. With more than ten years of experience, she’s capable and prepared to help making the critical decisions that will effect the future of your business. Visit www.franchise-logic.com or call 303.359.4021.

When you’re weighing the franchise models on the market and what they have to offer, you’re mirroring the dating process as the actual investigation is like a courtship for both parties. Learning how to successfully evaluate your “suitors” and making informed decisions will help you to choose the franchisor that you’re eventually going to “marry”.

The signing of your franchise agreement is equivalent to your wedding ceremony. Once you’ve signed your paperwork, you’ve committed to your franchisor for better or for worse.

When you first enter into your franchise business, your days will feel like a honeymoon! You’ll be excited, learning a lot about your franchise partner and the day-to-day operations, and riding a great high. At this point, you should carefully manage the relationship to keep the happiness and enthusiasm going for as long as possible.

Over the long term, you and your franchise partner may not see eye-to-eye 100% of the time. Ultimately, the same things that make you successful in a marriage will make you successful in your franchise business: simplicity, communication, and constructive & positive feedback. The dynamics of this relationship make it something truly special and you’ll thrive with mutual respect and trust.

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