Ever since the great recession ended, the economy has been growing quickly and overall conditions have improved greatly.  The market is full of opportunities waiting to be taken.  That being said, not everything is rosy.  Mergers, tighter business practices, and a changing world have created a situation that can be very difficult for workers–even the young and educated.  Recent statistics have shown, for example, that 11% of recent college graduates are unemployed. That comes as a great shock to a generation who grew up with the promise that a college education would lead to skills that could guarantee a job and a steady paycheck. What gives?  It’s not that those college degrees didn’t provide the skills they promised–it’s simply that those who own business have such an advantage over those who are looking for work.   That’s why an increasing number of bright, talented, and skilled professionals are giving up the 9 to 5 grind in order to pursue new careers as business owners.

“Hedging your Bets”
Given the tough odds facing new startup small businesses, however, a large percentage of those educated professionals are opting to open franchises–a process that still guarantees the ability to work for one’s self–but comes with far less risk.  Though franchising is a business model that many people associate mainly with restaurants and retail, the truth is that there are franchise chains in virtually every industry imaginable–and in fact, some of the more specialized industries are exactly the ones that are looking for interested and knowledgeable franchisees. If you have a special interest, don’t be afraid of looking for a franchising opportunity–it could be exactly what you are looking for!

Franchise Logic
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