Learn the nuances of creating a low-maintenance franchise with semi-absentee ownership.

Many people understand the basic concept of owning a franchise, but the term Semi-Absentee Franchising is a little more foreign to most of us. A semi-absentee franchise is a business that you can start and easily manage while continuing to work at your full-time job, travel, or maintain your current full-time schedule. A standard semi-absentee business typically requires ten to 15 hours per week of your attention.  Trusted Franchise Consultant, Careyann Golliver America's Franchise Matchmaker™

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details of semi-absentee franchise ownership

There are several factors to take into account when deciding if franchise ownership is right for you. Your goals, role desired and expectations for your franchise business will need to be in-line with this business model, as well as an understanding of what will be expected and required from you as the owner.

One of the major benefits of semi-absentee franchising is its ability to be manager-run while you are continuing to work at your full time job or other business endeavors. It is extremely easy for you to get your secondary business up and running, maintaining two incomes until you’re comfortable enough with the franchise to quit your day job.

In this type of business model, you are also more likely to hire other employees to provide the end service. A level of comfort in managing employees and working with a team may be an asset when looking into semi-absentee franchising.

Interested in Becoming a Semi-Absentee Franchise Owner?

If the personality and character traits we’ve discussed sound like you, semi-absentee franchising may be a great solution for you – you can earn extra money with a relatively low time-commitment!

To find out what your next steps in launching your semi-absentee franchise business, contact Careyann Golliver by calling 303.359.4021 or scheduling a consultation.