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How to Secure Your Future in the Face of Adversity

Insights Into the New Age of Career and Financial Independence

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Are You…
Facing an UNEXPECTED Career Transition?
Anxious about “What’s Next” to career & financial STABILITY?
Tired of the RISKS associated with Corporate America?
efeated due to loss? Loss of career. Loss of retirement. Loss of control. Loss of your identity?

careyann golliver

Join the on-demand webinar with host Careyann Golliver, America’s Franchise Matchmaker™ alongside a panel of 6 extraordinary transition experts with a passion to support individuals and families facing job loss, furloughs or undetermined layoffs resulting from today’s pandemic of COVID-19.

In this empowering event you’ll discover;

  • success strategies to manage TRANSITION
  • secrets to managing your mindset.
  • proven tools and systems to help guide you in taking CONTROL & SECURE your Financial Future
  • Career alternative options outside of returning to the instability of Corporate America?
  • the knowledge to empower decision making to take control of your life and financial future dictated by your terms.

TAKE CONTROL of YOUR Life and YOUR Financial Future?

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Meet Our Featured Expert Panelists:

reggie batts
sherri seiber
michael duggan
nanci regnier
kevin oconnor
carl bradford
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