What Really is Brand Awareness – Why You Want To Buy A Starbucks Franchise (Or Other Well Known Brand)

Starbucks sign in city For many small startup businesses, one of the greatest challenges is establishing brand awareness.  In fact, this is a large part of the reason why many new startups take several years to begin turning profits–that time (and money, effort, etc.) must all be invested in simply keeping the doors open and advertising the brand until finally, enough customers have learned about the company in order to allow it to turn a profit.

For some business owners, these long years of losing money (or at best breaking even,) are worth it.  Some business owners want to name their own company, have complete control over their brand, etc. even if it means lots of extra hard work with little or no financial return.  For the rest of us, franchising is a smart alternative.

As an example, think about Starbucks. Their brand is so well known and ubiquitous that virtually anywhere you go, the overwhelming majority of the population will know and enjoy Starbucks products.  If you were to buy a Starbucks franchise, you would start receiving customers who already know and love your brand from day one.  Starbucks corporate would take care of advertising, the fame of the brand would help drive sales, and your chances for immediate success (and thus long-term follow survival) would benefit enormously.  One problem… you can’t buy a Starbucks franchise because they don’t offer franchise opportunities.

Of course, when you purchase a franchise, you are partnering with branding success that your franchisor has already built for you.  This lends to speed to market.  This powerful brand that automatically commands widespread consumer awareness along with customer loyalty will bring forth a strong demand for franchise opportunities increasing the overall value of your entire franchise system. Every time a new franchisee joins your franchise family, the value of your business just goes up a notch.  And every franchisee in the system contributing to national marketing dollars boosts the awareness and brand which results in dollars well spent for a win-win for all involved.  No matter what type of company you choose to partner with, you’ll be benefiting from the marketing successes of the broader franchise, which allows you to focus on the management operations that will drive the success of your individual location.

Franchise Logic
Do you believe in the simple dream of owning a small business and working for yourself?  Franchising is one of the fastest and most effective routes towards making that dream a reality. Even if you can’t buy a Starbucks franchise, there are numerous other food franchises available.
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