Self Funding 101

Franchise Financing Options

Create the Right Franchise Self Funding Strategy

At Franchise Logic, we have preferred funding partnerships and will enable you to gain access to the best free education to teach you about all of your funding options.

A critical factor to consider when choosing the right franchise business for you is you learning the earning potential of the actual opportunity. As with any business, it takes time to build a franchise to the point where it is generating profits—but having a sound strategy in place will help speed up the process.

Self Funding 101

Understanding your spending tolerance and what you can truly afford must be a priority as you research franchise opportunities. As a prospective franchisee, it will also be paramount to fully explore how you will fund your investment.

Every franchise business requires potential franchisees to have certain skill sets, as well as financial ability. The franchisor is in business to put others in business successfully. Therefore, they will require proof of your net worth and a certain amount of liquidity in order for you to qualify.

There are many ways to self-fund your purchase of a franchise. When you work with Franchise Logic, one of our goals is to ensure that you spend as little of your own money as possible and incur a reasonable amount of debt, which will allow you to comfortably get into business for yourself. Contact us today to learn more of our self funding 101 advice.


We Partner with the Best

We partner with best-of-the-best professional funding companies that cater specifically to prospective franchisees and understand all the rules and regulations surrounding self-funding, specifically in the franchising world.

It is important to note that some financing options are unique to franchises, such as franchisor discounts on fees. General business financing options, such as traditional and Small Business Administration loans are also available to prospective franchisees. Early on in your journey of investigating franchises, you should gain free education on all the funding options that may be available to you. You wouldn’t begin shopping for a new home or car without getting pre-qualified — and the same goes with buying a business.

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* Conducting a self-discovery session with a franchising advisor could increase your odds of success as a franchise owner. Schedule an exclusive Franchise Ownership Consultation to start planning your future!