Franchise FAQs

Trust the Franchise Consulting Advisors

Launching your search into franchising will most likely generate more questions than answers. Don’t go at it alone, leave your future in the hands with the proper advisors to help guide you in your journey.

Franchise Logic is an independent franchise business consulting firm located in Denver, CO servicing candidates throughout the US. We have extensive knowledge and resources about the franchise industry. We will never waste your time. You make all the decisions because this is your journey, we are simply your guide.

Freedom, Flexibility, and Control

A professional franchise consultant can offer candidates a wealth of general and inside information about the franchise industry as well as about specific franchise industries. Franchise Logic helps save our candidates a tremendous amount of time by assisting them to become an educated franchise buyer who is laser-focused on what and how they are investigating.

Our services are free to you, the franchise seeker. If someone is asking you to hire them to help you find, learn and investigate a franchise there’s something wrong! The franchise organizations we work with hire Franchise Logic as a recruiter to help them find the ideal candidates to build their brands. The franchisor’s success is solely dependent on the individuals they award their business.

Franchise Logic takes pride in the franchise organizations they work with from food, products, and services in many different industries. Remember, it’s all about the match, not the name. Determining your role as the owner is key, not picking a franchise because you recognize the name. It’s key to keep an open mind — you wouldn’t want to discount a possible perfect match because of preconceived notions! The key is to learn.

No. Never. We can get you to the front of the line with possible franchise organizations and it won’t cost you a dime more. Regardless of how someone is introduced to a franchisor, everyone pays the same franchise fees disclosed in the franchisor’s Franchise Disclosure Document.

There is quite a bit of information that franchises only release when asked, so it is best to work with a seasoned Franchise Consultant like myself. I can help you know which numbers to look for, how to find them, and how to get you qualified to see them. Many people do not realize that you need to get approved to buy a franchise, and it is a long process that I help you through.

Whenever I am asked this question, my first answer is O.P.M. (Other People’s Money) Many people also don’t realize that you only need to put a certain percentage down to get a Franchise, and in many cases, you can gain debt service for the delta.

With your permission, Franchise Logic can connect you to professional funding partners to help you evaluate your possible funding options, all while not being obligated to use these resources.

Our approach is simple and straight forward. Our goal is to increase your chances of being successful as a franchise owner. We will conduct an initial consultation to understand your previous experiences, goals, strengths, weaknesses, needs including your target market and also understand what you are not looking for… things you never want to do again. We have a streamlined process, and the best news is, it works! When our candidates are prepared to take a serious dive we facilitate the introduction and remain by your side throughout the entire process helping you know the “how to” conduct a proper due diligence.

No one is going to pressure you to do anything, the entire objective is education. It’s important to understand we will always be working for you, and we will always be providing unbiased guidance and advice to you, we are not selling you anything. Franchising is all about creating a profitable partnership and because of that, our process is a process of mutual evaluation. Good franchises are not sold, they are awarded. Only when both parties feel there is strong potential for success does anyone begin to consider investing in the franchise. “Selling” a franchise to a less than ideal candidate is generally a recipe for failure for both the franchisee and franchisor.

Begin Your Journey

“We’ve helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a franchise through our unique matching process that helps identify which franchises would be a potential match for you to begin learning about.”

* Conducting a self-discovery session with a franchising advisor could increase your odds of success as a franchise owner. Schedule an exclusive Franchise Ownership Consultation to start planning your future!