When you’ve been working for someone else your entire life, it can be challenging to try to imagine an alternative reality where you are working for yourself. However, it’s never too late to begin to re-imagine your next chapter. Owning your own business could be the future that you’ve been waiting for and it’s time to take control of your life and make these dreams a reality. Careyann Golliver, a FranChoice consultant, is ready to help you dream. With over ten years of experience, Careyann knows the realities of entrepreneurship and is ready to be your partner. Visit  www.franchise-logic.com  or call 303.359.4021.

Escape the Mundane
If the idea of going to the same job day after day for the remainder of your career makes you feel exhausted, it’s time to consider something new. Even if you’re nearing retirement age, entrepreneurship is certainly not a goal that is out of reach. In fact, pre-retirement can be the best time to branch out on your own. Your business can be the perfect retirement plan, as it can continue to make you passive income or give you something to occupy your time depending on how you set it up.

Fire Your Boss
If you dream of being a business owner, there’s nothing worse than having a bad boss. Ditch your day job and fire your boss when the time is right. Careyann is available to help you lay out your timeline, from researching, choosing potential franchise businesses, evaluating various options, strategic funding planning and knowing when the time is right to say “goodbye” to the day job that’s been holding you back all along.

Contact Careyann Golliver today for more information on building a business that will last you a lifetime. Visit  www.franchise-logic.com or call 303.359.4021 today.