One benefit of living in the United States is that almost anyone with an idea or a dream can work, save, and start their own business.  Sadly, there are a large number of potential entrepreneurs with an idea who have worked and saved, but they just do not have the courage to take that final step and start their own enterprise.  After spending years toiling for someone else and dreaming of escape, when the opportunity finally arrives, an inner dialogue of doubt, negativity, and fear makes them despair of ever escaping the safe drudgery of their present situation.  Franchise Logic exists to help potential entrepreneurs discover their true potential and find the right match to execute their dreams.Now don’t let us mislead you – starting a business is fraught with challenges; however, sometimes it’s beneficial to look at all the reasons to give up on your dream with a more neutral attitude.  Let’s take a look at some common excuses that potential owners use to procrastinate. Let’s re-examine these excuses in a more positive and optimistic light.

  • It’s not the right time.  There is never going to be a perfect time to start a business.  The perfect time exists now!
  • What if I fail?  Why would you fail?  If you given a proven business model that others have succeeded before you – where is the risk in that?  The only way to fail would be to buy the business and then do nothing at all.
  • There’s too much competition out there.  There simply is no such thing as saturation when it comes to franchising.  Franchising is going into that highly competitive market, where the demand and the need already exist and you can be uniquely different from the current players to successfully carve a piece out of the pie in that same industry and truly thrive!
  • My spouse says, “No.”  Most spouses don’t want to hold back their significant other from accomplishing their dreams.  If you show your spouse that you really want this, they will probably be supportive but more importantly, you need to involve your spouse from day one with your investigations and make this a joint decision.
  • A job is less risky.  A job only seems less risky because it will provide you a pay check (instant cash flow) but you’re still not in control and you still are building wealth for someone else instead of taking a higher margin for yourself.  If you get let go 6 months from now the risk is you start from zero all over again.
  • We are too old. You are never too old to build additional wealth & income for your future.  In fact, the largest percentage of individuals we work with today are typically between the age of 57-62 year.
  • I need to be an expert in the industry.  A good business person knows how to listen, learn, and delegate.  Top execs in the tech industry often are not experts in tech, for example – they are experts on running the show.
  • What if I can’t find a location?  The beauty of franchising is that your franchisor has a vested interest in your success, and will have turn-key solutions and sophisticated real estate and architect teams to help assist you once you become an owner.  Location, Location, Location!
  • I’m not sure I’m lendable.  Working with a coach as your expert can lend itself in connecting you to funding specialist who understand all the rules and regulations surrounding laudability and can help you gain free education surrounding this topic and even per-qualify you and help you understand your funding window and what options are there for you to consider.
  • I’m not sure what business is right for me.  Usually with a little self discovery you can figure this out.  What’s more, a cost-free, obligation-free consultation with  Franchise Logic can be an enormous help when gathering these thoughts and making these kinds of large decisions.

Here is the point of this list.  There are numerous reasons to wait on starting your business, but most of the time these reasons are just excuses to delay making a decision for change, simply a reflection of negative thinking and inordinate fear.  Before you give up on your dream, be sure clear-headed reasoning is at the heart of your decision making.

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