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What Does It Cost To Buy A Franchise?

There are a number of ways to finance and purchase a franchise to diversify your investment portfolio.

There are lots of misconceptions out there. Many online sources say you can buy a franchise for only $5,000 and lead you to believe you can be rich overnight.

The best, most profitable, reputable franchises cost more than this.

Some companies use a lower number as a bait and switch tactic.

They sell your contact information to everyone out there willing to pay money for it. Unfortunately, this leaves your vulnerable, with relentless pursued and pitched call outs (think used car salesman) blowing up your email and voicemail only to gain personally from selling your contact information. For most, it’s an annoying recurring nightmare.

So… how much does a good, reputable, profitable, franchise cost, you ask?
The reality is — it depends. But, a safe range is anywhere from $80,000 up to $1 Million+ for multiple locations.

I realize this is a huge span, but… that is because the amount varies depending on the category, how many locations, and a number of other various factors. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they explore different options based on their interests and goals and unique skill sets.
Depending on your goals and investable assets, there are a number of ways to finance your purchase. You can read about some of these options on my website.