Disclosure Policy

On this site, my intent is to help people find their ideal franchise that will help them achieve their dreams, and to simplify the process. And while it is my desire that everyone has the success they desire in their business, the reality is that results will vary from person to person based on their unique situation and how well they are coachable and trainable by their selected franchise partner with their proven model.

What are some of the factors that will determine how likely someone is to succeed?

There are a number of factors such as:

  • How much their market is growing – the greater the growth in a market, the greater the opportunity exists for growth for individual businesses, especially if that business is one of the market leaders
  • The skill level of the business owners
  • The growth and business plans of the business owner
  • The work ethic of the business owner
  • The determination of the business owner
  • The ethics and integrity of the business owner

From my experience, the business owners that have the greatest success are one that have:

  • A plan that they have confidence in
  • The necessary skills to make their plan a reality
  • The desire to implement and roll out the plan
  • The work ethic to do the hard work of implementing and rolling out the plan
  • The ability to track the effectiveness of the plan
  • The wisdom to assess whether what they are doing is working or not
  • The ability to fine-tune their approach, plans, processes and systems
  • The determination to stick with it
  • They become obsessive about their market, the wants, needs, fears, hopes and desires of the people they serve in their market, and the relentless pursuit of delivering that to their clients / customers and prospective clients / customers

Sadly not everyone does this. It breaks my heart when people with a good franchise, in a good market, give up on their franchise, or themselves, or take off in an unwise direction. I’ve had candidates who have had great success abandon what worked for them and took off in a direction that ruined their business. I’ve also had candidates that got started in the right direction, and with effort and determination, went on to have wild success.

In business, here’s what typically happens:

The bottom 80% have dreams and desires for success, but will not embrace the education or dedication they need to succeed.

The top 20% will embrace the education, implement, fine tune and adjust. These will take the teachings, roll it out and start to see success. This success will breed confidence and they will continue to learn, will continue to engineer their business plans and systems, will continue to do the work and roll out and fine tune the plans.

The top 5% will do what the top 20% do, but they will do it with focus and determination.

The top 1% will do what the top 5% do, but they become obsessive about their franchise, become obsessive about educating and implementing the systems that their franchises teach, become obsessive about their market, become obsessive about finding better ways to serve their customer and market and become obsessive about growing their organization and their people. This group after much hard work are the ones that typically have the greatest successes.

The best news is that you get to pick what what group you become a part of.

I do not guarantee success. I just promise that I’ll deliver the best information, education, wisdom and know-how that I can, to help you find your ideal franchise, that you can take action on and get results – whether good or bad – because that is the starting point. Getting in the game, finding the best franchise opportunities, following the franchise’s systems, measuring and adjusting, always learning and always improving.

Not everything you do will be successful. There is no straight line to success, it’s a herky jerky bumpy road with pitfalls and excitement, tribulations and joy.

I love this ad from the famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton,

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.

From spending much time in the trenches, and for being through many hazardous journeys myself and with candidates, I haven’t seen everything, but I sure have seen a lot and can tell you this, the honor and recognition (whatever that looks like for you) is something that you will savor.


Careyann Golliver

P.S. Regarding affiliate or partner promotions – it is possible that from time to time I might endorse another product or service and be compensated in some way, shape or form for recommending that product or service.

I do NOT promote everything I see.
I do NOT promote anything that I do not believe in.

I turn down or ignore most of the requests we get.

I only offer and endorse products or services that I like from people I trust that I feel will help the market I serve – you.