Dealing with Decision Making

When it comes to helping candidates go through the process of dealing with decision making and find their ideal franchise match, the entire objective is education, along with focusing on their goals. The reason why we go through a structured process of education is so we can make better decisions. The desire to break away from Corporate America and become your own boss requires careful consideration. Because there is inherent risk involved when we choose to go into business for ourselves, this decision often has been likened to a “leap of faith”. I completely understand this notion, because I’ve been down this path myself.I’d like to share a book that I recommend to many of my prospective franchisees that provides many perspectives in dealing with decision making. The title is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by author Susan Jeffers. What I find particularly insightful about this read is how the author frames the very history of our critical decision making efforts. In essence, we’ve been brainwashed to be risk-averse from a young age. Throughout the chapters, Jeffers also keys in on expanding our individual comfort zones and moving ahead despite procedural discomfort. This is a common theme for budding entrepreneurs.

While Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway isn’t geared specifically to franchisees, I’ve found all of the lessons completely applicable in dealing with decision making. The book goes a long way toward dispelling the notion that you can’t achieve what you most desire in life. And most of the people I deal with when searching for the ideal franchise match can put to use the lessons–not just during the initial discovery phase, but throughout the entire investigation process. After reading, you’ll learn and understand several tips on how to bolster any lack of confidence in your abilities to achieve true entrepreneurial freedom. You can order Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway online here.

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