Better Shores: What a Franchise Consultant Can Do for You

Are you in the middle of searching for a dream to claim as your own? If you are tired of swimming aimlessly in the corporate fishbowl and want to dive into an ocean of opportunity, the franchise industry can guide you to your destination. You are the captain of your fate as a franchisee, all you need is a lighthouse to help guide you to your land of opportunity. Having a well-sought out franchise consultant who provides accurate navigation will assure your journey is fruitful!

A Beacon in the Storm

A Franchise Consultant can guide you into an ideal business like a lighthouse guides a ship at night.So many working professionals have expressed discontent at where their career path has taken them. Often, diligence and leadership skills are overlooked in the ever-churning corporate pool. When you become your own boss, you get to face challenges head-on and reap the rewards that come from your good choices. You gain a sense of accomplishment and recognition that can be very fulfilling. If you enjoy what you do, and can build on your retirement because of it, what better sense of achievement is there?

Franchisees that are successful also help others reach for their own dreams. The economic growth and job stability you facilitate when you are successful allows you to leave your thumbprint on the world’s business stage. If you can build a legacy that brings profit in and encourages others to succeed, know that you’ve done your part in the franchise industry and done it well. Are you feeling inspired yet? Your franchise consultant can help guide your passions and hopes in a way that will only benefit your future and the futures of those who work hard for you.

Risk Versus Reward Gold

Unlike start-up businesses, a franchisee is helped by others who view your success like their own. A franchisee is privy to the treasures only found in a built-in support model. You won’t have to navigate the uncertain waters of the small business sector when you are a franchisee, because the franchisor who has gone before you has cleared your path to success. Some say low-risk equals less-reward, but that saying just doesn’t “hold water” in the franchise business.

Low-risk franchise models can garner pockets of gold that will help cushion your transition to retirement. Still, there is some uncertainty involved in sailing through new, unfamiliar waters. Seeking out a qualified franchise consultant can help ensure that your steps are propelling you forward rather than leading you away from your dreams.

Navigation Compass “Qualified”

As a compass shows direction, a Franchise Consultant can offer direction in deciding the best fanchise match for your skills.It’s important that you find a professional who understands your hopes and needs. If you carefully consider what you need in a franchise consultant before choosing one, you are that much closer to finding the ideal franchise business.

What does it take to be the best consultant in the business? The good franchise advisors are focused on securing the best possible outcome for franchisees and the franchisors they are matched with. They become your working navigation system to get you where you need to be. To improve your franchise search results, here are a few qualities a franchise consultant should possess:

  1. Marketable Experience

Your franchise consultant should have years of experience in the industry. Have they played a pivotal role in a franchisor’s leadership team? Have they had success as a franchisor advisor in the past? What makes them qualified to get you the franchisor you deserve? Ask your consultant these questions. You are gaining experience in the industry just by ensuring your support base is secure and unshakable.

  1. High Level of Commitment

Why are they working as an advisor? Do they display a passion and level of commitment that keeps you engaged and feeling supported? Are they willing to help you untangle confusing franchise paperwork? If they take time to prioritize and answer your questions, respond to your concerns, and keep your goals in focus, they can potentially find a franchise that matches your drive and ambitions.

  1. Solid Reputation

How broad is your advisor’s knowledge of the industry? Request a fair account of the advisor’s strengths and weaknesses. Remember, your skillset and experience in the corporate world can be a valuable treasure to franchisors. You want a balanced account of what others feel about their consulting style so you can make the best decision for your future.

Does the franchise consultant take time to ask you in-depth questions? Do they participate in active listening? Warning flags should go up if they skip an in-depth “getting to know you” session and just jump straight into the “here are your options” bit.  How can they align you with your perfect fit if they don’t put in the extra time to discover your skills and desires? How are they helping a franchisor feel confident in awarding you a franchise if they aren’t discovering all that you offer? If they fail in that, then it’s time to seek another consultant.

  1. A Franchise Consultant Inventory List: A Diverse Selection of Franchisors

Your consultant needs to provide you with a roster that has diverse franchise options. A trustworthy franchise consultant will have researched and compiled accurate information on each franchisor.

Has the advisor interviewed franchisees who are associated with the franchisors on the roster? Do they have Franchise Disclosure Document reviews available for each franchise mentioned? There should be no franchisors on their list that are failing in the industry. You are trusting them to share the best franchise options available so that you can succeed.

A steadfast resource, Careyann Golliver is the franchise consultant you can depend on/Your Seafaring Anchor

Once you’ve hoisted the sails and decided to set out on the franchise adventure, you need a crew with steady hands to help you be successful. Careyann Golliver, America’s Franchise Matchmaker™ and her team can steer you and your goals towards great accomplishments.

You need a confident and experienced franchise consultant to keep paradise in your sights. Don’t worry about the winds of change! With a quality advisor at the helm, you’ll anchor your ship and lay claim to your dreams. Success is waiting!