An Entrepreneurial Must-Read

Lots of great business books exist on the market and it can be hard to decide which is right for you. Some could give you tips and tricks that would make your business, while others – even well-intentioned others – may lead you astray if they’re written for a different audience. FranChoice consultant Careyann Golliver has taken the guesswork out of the game. Careyann has over two decades of experience in franchising and entrepreneurship and has read countless titles; she’s sharing her recommendations with you!

Profitable Partnership by Greg Norman

One of the best books on entrepreneurship and franchising is Profitable Partnerships by Greg Norman. This book will not lead you astray! Norman approaches the idea of franchising in a practical, reasonable way. He provides both strategic insight, as well as tactical, prescriptive advice, checklists, and inspirational stories. Norman also addresses the business aspects, financial concerns, and emotional components of opening your own franchise.

Profitable Partnerships can offer advice to franchisors and franchisees alike, whether you’re new to franchising or just trying to amp up your business. Not only does Norman share fantastic business advice, but he also provides incredible interpersonal tips and relationship-management intelligence. Conflict and dispute management can be one of the most frustrating and damaging aspects of working in a franchise, and this hurdle can often be overlooked on the front-end. Coming to your business with relationship maintenance and management in the front of your mind, you can head off a lot of potential issues down the line. Profitable Partnerships can give you the information you need to start your relationship on a positive note and achieve ultimate success!

Careyann Golliver is America’s Franchise Matchmaker™ and the Founder of Franchise Logic. She is a business consultant in Denver, Colorado with over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship and franchising, she can provide critical feedback and guidance. Contact Careyann today or call 303.805.5078.