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About Our Founder, Careyann Golliver
America’s Franchise Matchmaker™

Careyann (Larson) Golliver is known as America’s Franchise Matchmaker™. Her passion comes from helping grow her local family handyman business to the top-rated national franchise in the handyman industry. The franchise family business, Handyman Matters, became so successful that in 2019 it was acquired by the largest retailer-owned hardware co-operative company in the world-Ace Hardware Corporation. Golliver brings over 2 decades of personal experience in small business ownership, management and sales/marketing strategies as a Franchise Consultant. Because Careyann co-owned and assisted in running a franchise business herself, she gives her candidates an insider’s edge and highly educated perspective. She is truly gifted at matching prospective buyers with potential fits for their needs. The process she has created is truly a self-discovery journey to identify their possible perfect franchise match. It is created to align skill sets and goals while helping prospective buyers take control of their destiny and fulfill their dreams.

Careyann has been featured in national publications including; Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur Magazine, and FORTUNE and is a sought after professional speaker showcasing her knowledge across national broadcast channels. Her professional achievements have awarded her opportunities to educate her peers and receive recognition in the franchise industry. Her experience as both a small business owner and an independent franchise sales arm for a franchising corporation has allowed her to excel at finding potential franchise options that fit her candidate’s dreams and goals. Her creativity, humor, and passion are showcased in her signature of marketing and sales processes and procedures. Her passion for the process has helped her candidates that she works with gain a higher clarity if franchising is even the right path for them.

Careyann prides herself on having helped hundreds of individuals realize the American Dream of business ownership. She excels in building and maintaining strong personal relationships with those that are serious about investigating real opportunities, their risks and the timeline it takes to make sound decisions about creating a new future.

Golliver is a proud Colorado native, a dog lover who enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle alongside her husband, Travis that includes tennis, hiking, and hunting. She is active locally with Franchise Business Network and the International Franchise Association, as well as being a community volunteer. She strives to maintain a lifestyle reflective of a strong commitment of balance, determination and drive in her own life and helps others around her achieve the same. Her wish is that everyone she works with finds joy and fulfillment in working with passion, process, and abundant possibilities for their future.

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Careyann focuses on Rapid Break-Even, High ROI Models

Before specializing in helping people find they are rich through franchising, Careyann used to be a franchisor. So she knows what it’s like to go through the process, whether it’s your first franchise or third.

Bottom line, she simplifies the entire process for you.

And she’s willing to prove this to you – without you risking a single penny! In fact, if you qualify to work with her, her services and guidance are FREE.

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“If you are searching for a consultant to help narrow down different franchise opportunities there is no better resource than Careyann. She was great. She understood what I was looking for and narrowed hundreds of opportunities down to just a manageable few. Give her a call, you will not be disappointed!”
~ Master Licensed franchise owner

Does this sound familiar? Here’s what other executives and professionals told me why they wanted me to help them find their perfect franchise:

“I have worked in large corporations for nearly 25 years. I’m looking to apply my experiences as well as learn/ grow in new and exciting ways”
~ Sr. Director, Global Information Security, and Business Continuity

“Flexibility, income potential, not having to interview with recruiters 1/2 my age telling me I am not qualified. Being my own boss.”
~ West Coast Sales Rep – Selling enterprise software to companies with $1.5b+ revenue

“I am a hard worker and would like to see my success pay off for myself instead of a large corporation”
~ CFO also responsible for a leadership team and traveling from NYC to CA

“I have always had a dream of being my own boss, but with wife and family obligations, I haven’t done this. I now want to pursue this. I am anxious but cautious. I have a son that is struggling in the corporate world, not because of skills, but following rules. I want to find a business where he can participate, and be successful, with my coaching. Hopefully attractive and successful enough I can bring my other son into.”
~ Director, Corporate Procurement

“Making my own decisions, and enjoying the benefits of those decisions. Making my own schedule.”
~ Traditional Business Owner, responsible for all financial duties – taxes, year-end, pension admin, etc. Sales, Buying, implementing new systems, merchandising, etc. EVERYTHING

“I have the broad skill set required to run a business. I like the idea of building my own business. I like making money for myself.”
~ General Manager, responsible for regional operations, P&L, fleet operations, marketing, and client relations.

“I want freedom to make all the business decisions. I want to be in charge of my own destiny”
~ Co-Owner of a contractual consulting company.

Franchise Logic Suggested Reading
by Careyann Golliver

Entrepreneurs and business owners face similar hurdles throughout their time – personnel conflicts, undefined business paths, customer challenges, etc. Many business owners have taken the actionable items that helped them in many common situations and have come up with a variety of solutions – filling the pages of books sharing their insights, takeaways and lessons learned.

While there are countless educational resources today at your fingertips, the following list of books are our top choices for small business owners:

Loopholes of the Rich  — Diane Kennedy, CPA

Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!  — Greg Crabtree

Rich Dad Poor Dad — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Raving Fans — Ken Blanchard | Sheldon Bowles

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway — Susan Jeffers

The E-Myth Revisited —  Michael E. Gerber

Profitable Partnerships —  Greg Nathan

The Power of Broke —  Daymond John

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster —  Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect —  Darren Hardy

Great by Choice —  Jim Collins

How Successful People Think —  John C. Maxwell

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