A Good Manager is the Best Investment

Understanding how to select, hire, and compensate a fantastic manager for your franchise business can have a dramatic effect on the success or failure of your brand. The important role that this person will play in your business and in your life cannot be overstated.
Start with YouThe best place to start when you’re hoping to hire a competent, successful manager is by evaluating the situation yourself. Make sure you understand all parts of the required responsibilities of your operations.  Your franchise partner will require you to be trained on the business first, which makes sense.  How can you manage what you don’t know? Your franchise partner will also help assist you in identifying the ideal candidates for this role, provide you job descriptions and pay rate suggestions.  Having a full understanding of this is key if you plan to own a manager-ran business.Do Your Research

Once you’ve identified the right market and have posted a job and you’re getting some bites, make sure that you’re very discerning with the background of the people that you’re looking in to.  Most franchisors already know who makes a perfect fit personality wise for this role and they can help assist you in weeding out any of the people that just won’t be up to par.  It is always a good  idea to understand as an owner what specific requirements such as background checks, drug and alcohol testing or any other filters will be required by your franchisor prior to offering anyone the position.  Most franchise companies have specific vendors that you can use for these filers to help you save money and obtain a quicker turn-around time for the final results.

Making an Offer

Don’t be afraid to offer your manager perks, benefits, and compensation that might be just slightly higher than you might think is appropriate. This person can make or break your business, from both an operational standpoint and from a morale standpoint, and it’s important that you treat them as the power player you are.   First and foremost, always treat others with dignity and respect! Think of these perks as an investment in your business and in your ability to successfully run your semi-absentee franchise and continue to expand to multiple locations.

Careyann Golliver is America’s Franchise Matchmaker™ and the Founder of Franchise Logic. She is a business consultant in Denver, Colorado with over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship and franchising, she can provide critical feedback and guidance. Contact Careyann today or call 303.805.5078.