Do You Want to Gain Private Access to Franchise Business Opportunities In High-Demand Markets That Have Been Growing 450% Year Over Year?

From the 100’s of franchisors we work with, you can quickly find and acquire the ones you want in your backyard before anyone else does. Many of these are NOT listed in public directories.


Are you an experienced investor looking for in-demand, hot new franchises to grow in your backyard before anyone else gets them?

We have new and exciting emerging brands, but these are not any brands. If you’re ready to look at some new opportunities, and don’t want to waste your time, we have a process to help you quickly find and acquire ideal franchise business opportunities.

We constantly research, and vet out hundreds of franchises every year and we present only the best of the best opportunities to our private investor list. Many of the franchises we have private access to don’t advertise the “normal” way.

For example, one franchisor came to us and we sold 300 locations in 6 months. Franchisors come to us because they know we can match them with highly qualified candidates and they can quickly gain market share. We however do not accept every franchisor that comes our way, we carefully vet them out according to our strict criteria. We save our clients much time and the grueling hard work of researching what is out there.

Imagine very quickly getting a short list of HOT franchises that are in demand, matched to your goals and investment profile, that are typically not on all the web portals where all the franchises are listed.

And imagine, once we find a match, if I put your name in, they are going to respond right away. I put my candidates at the front of the line of the best franchise opportunities.

Why not get your backyard before it is sold out?

If you want to be considered for private access to these emerging brands, then fill out the form below and let’s have an initial conversation.

You can:

  • Grow 3, 5, 10 (or MORE) of these and significantly multiply your results
  • If you are an investor, simply add this to your portfolio and have a manager run this for you
  • And do this in a market that is in HIGH DEMAND and growing 450% year over year!!!
  • Have private access to some of the very best franchises that don’t advertise on all the web portals

Want to know about one HUGE opportunity right now? And why are private equity firms grabbing on to these concepts?

If you’re ready to look at some franchise opportunities in high growth markets, then watch this video now to learn more.



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Discover the Fastest, PROVEN Way to Find Your Perfect Franchise That Gives You The Freedom, Independence, And The Lifestyle You Want . . . all while keeping Your Current Job


As an award-winning franchise consultant, I have guided hundreds of executives, professional and investors to High ROI Franchises. I work with 100’s of the top franchise companies and many of the best franchises are NOT burger or food franchises, and many cannot be found by just clicking around with a simple internet search.


*My services are FREE. I work with qualified individuals only. It starts with a 15-minute phone call.

I’m Careyann Golliver. As a franchise expert with 20+ years in the industry, I have been helping guide individuals seeking business ownership and have perfectly matched them with astonishing success to franchise business opportunities. I’ve been fortunate to have helped hundreds of people, people just like you, find the perfect franchise.


Dear Independence Seeker,

I’m sure you did an internet search for THE perfect franchise. Just about everyone I’ve ever advised has.

And do you know what they came up with?

Confusion. Overwhelm. Stagnation.

In other words, they have all wanted to buy a franchise but nothing really happened.

Or worse, they bought something that a friend, neighbor or co-worker told them they should buy, only to fail because it wasn’t what they thought it was or was not the right fit.

Or even worse, they bought a coffee franchise because they LOVED everything about coffee. They let their passion get ahead of their business acumen, and after losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, their business went bankrupt and now they can’t stand the smell of coffee.

I know, “that won’t happen to me” you say. Right?

The fatal flaw highly intelligent people make when buying a franchise . . .

I work with highly intelligent and very successful people. They all have had incredible success in the corporate world, but they all have something in common – the majority are venturing into an area they know very little about.


What People Are Saying

After 30 years in the IT business, and with a Fortune 100 company, I was looking for change. Careyann brought quality top-notch franchise opportunities that matched my skills, level of experience, and personality. Her professionalism, candor, and willingness to help me was a DIFFERENTIATOR in my selecting a new and exciting business. Careyann is the consummate franchise coach and I would recommend her with high regard… Simply Outstanding!” ~ Multi-franchise owner

If someone were to get into your industry armed with only a few months of “internet searches, blogs and articles”, how successful would they be? How much advice would you want from them?

You would probably laugh at them right?

Because they would be lacking what you have – years of experience.

That is the fatal flaw most people make when buying a franchise. They assume that they have to conduct their own market analysis, industry research, have actual experience in a particular industry.

What they don’t realize is that they don’t know what they don’t know.

They don’t understand:

  • How to select a franchise
  • Which franchises match with their top skillsets
  • Which franchises welcome people with their background and which ones would reject them
  • Which franchises they can afford
  • How to find the right financing so they don’t absorb all the risk
  • Which franchises they would feel most comfortable owning
  • Which franchises they would earn incredible money with
  • Which franchises have the best support even though they all say their support is the best
  • Which franchises they would have the most time off with
  • Which franchises are most likely to accept them
  • What are the best and worst questions to ask
  • How to do proper due diligence when investigating a franchise that will save them tremendous time and frustration.

The ones that are too proud to seek help or fight the proper steps to identify the right opportunities usually are the ones that suffer and fail.

The ones that realize that they don’t know everything, the ones that are seeking guidance and honesty are the ones that are most likely to have incredible success.

It’s not all about burgers and fries, or Starbucks and pies . . .

Maybe you went out to eat and had an idea of buying a burger or coffee or food franchise?

Seems like a good idea, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

What if there was a better franchise than a food or beverage franchise, if there was, would you want to know about it?

There are always better opportunities than what you can find on your own.

Did you know there are 90 categories in over 3000 franchises in 75 different industries in the U.S. alone?

If someone sent you a list of all of them, how will you find that perfect one?

Plus, if you rely on Google, you will miss many of the top franchise opportunities because they are not listed.


What if there are better, highly lucrative opportunities that are not made public, would you want to know about them?


How about incredibly emerging opportunities, would you want me to tell you what they are? (There are some I have right now that you won’t know about unless we talk)

We just helped one of the largest and most recognized franchise brands in the country with almost 3,000 locations offer a number of their corporate owned stores to new franchise buyers; almost a third of all their stores.

This was NOT available to the general public.

This made available to us because of our track record.

There are other opportunities like this.

These opportunities come and go quickly.


I’ve been fortunate to have helped place many people at the front of the line for top opportunities.


In your career, you understand the value of highly specialized knowledge. It can help make big gains in shorter periods of time than trying to learn it all yourself.

Why wouldn’t you do the same here?

Why not hire a professional that is an expert in this industry?


“Why Waste Precious Time and Struggle Alone When I Can Personally Help You Find Your Perfect Franchise That Gives You The Independence, Freedom And The Lifestyle You Want . . . and my services are FREE to you”


Let’s Find the Best Franchise with the Highest Return Potential that is Within Your Spending Tolerance that Allows You to gain back your control  and keep the majority of the margin… Even if you have limited time and can’t afford to leave your current job today.


I have a simple and proven process to help you find your perfect franchise. It all starts with a free 15-minute initial discussion.

Careyann focuses on Rapid Break-Even,
High ROI Models

Before specializing in helping people find their rich through franchising, Careyann used to be a franchisor. So she knows what it’s like to go through the process, whether it’s your first franchise or third.

Bottom line, she simplifies the entire process for you.

And she’s willing to prove this to you – without you risking a single penny! In fact, if you qualify to work with her, you won’t pay her a dime!


To take the first step to finding your rich, fill out the form below and we will schedule you for your free 15-minute initial discussion.

If you are searching for a consultant to help narrow down different franchise opportunities there is no better resource than Careyann. She was great. She understood what I was looking for and narrowed hundreds of opportunities down to just a manageable few. Give her a call, you will not be disappointed!” ~ Master Licensed franchise owner


Does this sound familiar?  Here’s what other executives and professionals told me why they wanted me to help them find their perfect franchise:


“I have worked in large corporations for nearly 25 years. I’m looking to apply my experiences as well as learn/ grow in new and exciting ways” ~ Sr. Director, Global Information Security and Business Continuity


“Flexibility, income potential, not having to interview with recruiters 1/2 my age telling me I am not qualified. Being my own boss.”  ~ West Coast Sales Rep – Selling enterprise software to companies with $1.5b+ revenue


“I am a hard worker and would like to see my success pay off for myself instead of a large corporation” ~ CFO also responsible for a leadership team and traveling from NYC to CA


“I have always had a dream of being my own boss, but with wife and family obligations, I haven’t done this. I now want to pursue this. I am anxious, but cautious. I have a son that is struggling in the corporate world, not because of skills, but following rules. I want to find a business where he can participate, and be successful, with my coaching. Hopefully attractive and successful enough I can bring my other son into.”  ~ Director, Corporate Procurement


“Making my own decisions, and enjoying the benefits of those decisions. Making my own schedule.”  ~  Traditional Business Owner, responsible for all financial duties – taxes, year end, pension admin, etc. Sales, Buying, implementing new systems, merchandising, etc. EVERYTHING


“I have the broad skill set required to run a business. I like the idea of building my own business. I like making money for myself.”  ~  General Manager, responsible for regional operations, P&L, fleet operations, marketing and client relations.


“I want freedom to make all the business decisions. I want to be in charge of my own destiny”  ~ Co-Owner of a contractual consulting company.


Begin Your Journey Now

What People Are Saying

Careyann Golliver is a dedicated professional, and possess outstanding qualities to be a franchise consultant/coach. I recently accepted an early retirement package from a Fortune 100 IT company. After 30 years in the IT business I was looking for change. Careyann brought quality top-notch franchise opportunities that matched my skills, level of experience, and personality. Her professionalism, candor, and willingness to help me was a DIFFERENTIATOR in my selecting a new and exciting business. Careyann is the consummate franchise coach and I would recommend her with high regard… Simply Outstanding!” ~ Multi-franchise owner

Careyann is my go to person for entrepreneur insights. She is extremely detail oriented and knows how to navigate the franchise world. She was instrumental in helping me with my career change. I highly recommend Careyann to anyone wanting to better understand the overwhelming task of selecting a business.”~ Multi-licensed franchise owner

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Careyann while pursuing my goal of opening a new franchise. Careyann was instrumental in guiding me through the entire process, and ensuring that all bases were covered while getting to the end. I highly recommend Careyann for any business venture, and certainly look forward to working with her again in the future.” ~ Group Logistics Director